Don’t sleep on this fashion trend and check out the new Emma Pillow bag.

Following the wave of fashion weeks across the globe, Emma- The Sleep Company created the Emma Pillow Bag; a fashionable piece that doubles as the perfect sleep accessory. We saw trash bags, take-out boxes, paint buckets, pigeons, and even pillow bags carried down the runway — but can fashion brands beat Emma at delivering catwalk-worthy sleep accessories?

Emma Bag usp1

Take comfort everywhere you go.

A design made for the ones who value their sleep quality everywhere they go. Take the pillow everywhere: on a business trip, visiting friends, for comfort when commuting to work, or for a power nap between important meetings. The handles will allow you to carry the bag across the body, or like a conventional handbag.
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Comfort and protection are super trendy this season.

Emma’s leading technologies are highlighted throughout the bag . The exterior features the iconic look and texture of the breathable pillow cover, and the interior is cushioned with the most recent air grid technology. A luxury zipper allows access to a storage compartment where you can save your goods while having the best support during that power nap.
Emma Bag USP3

Luxury is in the details.

Indulge your eyes with the beautiful finishing touches, including the iconic “E” that pops like all the emblematic fashion brand logos. The zippers, seams, and labels feature the new brand colors a palette that really “Awaken the best in you”. Attention to detail like the meticulous research that has gone into this by our sleep experts, just as it does with all Emma products".

“Sleep Above All”

The top 10 categories of products bought worldwide during Black Friday are clothing, electronic devices, footwear, cosmetics and perfumes, electrical appliances, gifts, children's products, books, sports accessories, and lingerie — most of them non-essential and short-lived products.*. Based on this consumer insight, Emma-The Sleep Company launched a challenge to their teams of product developers and creatives to create something that could convey the company's value when it is time to think about sleep and prioritize health habits. This bag is the result of this exercise that inspired the signature of Emma-The Sleep company's future Black Friday campaign “Sleep above all” - a campaign that raises awareness of the importance of sleep and sets it above all the commodities that discounts can buy online. *1 According to a study carried out in September 2022 by Emma- The Sleep Company
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