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29 avril 2022

6 habits for a good night´s sleep

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There is no right or wrong way to sleep, but it is important to make time to work on a routine that works for you. There are, however, some habits before bedtime that may improve your sleep quality. These include:  

Do not eat in bed

This could involve having a large meal before bedtime - this is commonly linked to experiencing indigestion or heartburn and increases the risk of high blood sugar levels, heart diseases, obesity and acidity. 

Avoid blue light distractions

It is important to keep all electronic device usage to a minimum, for at least one hour before bedtime. This is because the extra light distracts our natural production of melatonin. 

Create the right bedroom environment

Your sleeping environment is imperative to a good night's sleep, if your room is too cold, hot or noisy then you will struggle to get some shut-eye. This could even involve using your room as a multi-purpose room; for example, you work in your room in the day - this makes it harder to mentally detach from your day-to-day, resulting in a less relaxing, disrupted sleep.

Clean your bedding and bedroom

No one wants to fall asleep in a smelly environment! It is important to maintain good sleep hygiene at all times for a more relaxing slumber.

Find a time that suits you

Whilst your partner might need to be in bed for 9pm, you might find that you function differently and need to rest earlier or later - figure out what is best for you, and organise your routine around that. 

Follow a bedtime routine

a consistent series of activities in the 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime, done in the same pattern each night, will allow you to relax more easily. Bedtime rituals vary, but they frequently include relaxing activities such as taking a warm bath, reading, listening to music or meditation. 

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